Building a Home for the Food Pantry - Donate Today image

Building a Home for the Food Pantry - Donate Today

Help us as "ONE" Rappahannock family to build a much-needed new home for the Food Pantry

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Creating a Home for the Food Pantry - Together

The Food Pantry meets a vital need of our community.

The Need: Some 10 percent of all county residents and 16 percent of our children are in poverty. That is the highest rate in the Northern Piedmont. In the past year, over 300 families-totaling almost 900 individuals- relied on the Food Pantry for their basic sustenance. Many of the Pantry's clients are elderly and over one-third are children.

The Problem: The owner of The Pantry’s current Sperryville location is putting the property on the market. Our lease expires September 1, 2020. This leaves three options to consider:

  • buy the current or different building and renovate
  • rent and modify a different building
  • buy a lot and build to meet our needs

The Solution: After evaluating all options, we have decided to buy a lot and build in a central location, near the schools and more convenient for clients in Chester Gap and Amissville. Owning and building to our needs is more cost-effective and allows us to expand our services.

Please help us give the Food Pantry a "FOREVER" home.